TV Services
TV Services ANI provides news and features to all major broadcasters in the world.

Text News
Text News The ANI text capsule gives top news with features health and entertainment content.

TV Programmes
TV Programmes ANI provides compelling multilingual programmes aimed at international viewers interested in South Asia.

Facilities ANI offers round the clock facilities for both foreign and domestic channels desirous of packaging and uplinking their reports from India


The future, they say, belongs to the mobile phone for providing anyone and everyone with the desired dose of information. Recognizing this years before it became a reality, we at ANI were one of the pioneers in creating multifaceted audio/video, text, picture, SMS and MMS content to meet the needs for the information hungry Diaspora. And with our position as leaders in the domestic market having been established, our quest for global excellence continues.
We are living in an era of rapidly evolving technologies and moving from an industrial society to one driven by information.
At ANI, we believe that media will be instrumental in speeding up the arrival of this information society.
Keeping this as our guiding force, ANI has made major forays into the spheres of broadband, mobile content and interactive TV.
Partnering with major players in the convergence business, ANI is working towards shaping up as the leading content provider, for all current and future information platforms.
We would like to believe that the sky is not the limit for us.

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Websites and Broadband
Websites and Broadband ANI uses the latest in Internet technology to provide exclusive video , audio , text and picture content for web users.


Mobile ANI's has a multilingual package of audio, video , SMS and MMS content for mobiles.