TV Services
TV Services ANI provides news and features to all major broadcasters in the world.

Text News
Text News The ANI text capsule gives top news with features health and entertainment content.

TV Programmes
TV Programmes ANI provides compelling multilingual programmes aimed at international viewers interested in South Asia.

Facilities ANI offers round the clock facilities for both foreign and domestic channels desirous of packaging and uplinking their reports from India


ANI is committed to providing its unique blend of text news to the media, and targets newspapers, magazines, websites, mobiles, TV channels and radio stations as its primary clients.
The ANI wire service offers wide ranging content on politics, social issues, science,health, business and entertainment besides unique features that bring out the extremely interesting,yet unknown richness of the South Asian cultural tapestry .To add depth to its coverage in today's business conscious global economy, it offers commodity prices as well as frequent news analysis of major events in India and overseas.
The hallmark of the ANI wire service is it's flexibility. It enables users to request a unique tailor-made package to suit their editorial needs. Once the parameters are laid out, ANI seeks to meet those and offers its subscribers the desired customised content.
To provide a global view, ANI has it's correspondents and representatives based in strategic locations across South Asia,Europe,the Middle East and America, while its vast domestic network enables it to churn out unique national content from across India.
The ANI wire service is delivered as per the specific requirements of the subscribers through the internet, email or FTP.
For getting a flavour of our unique capsule please call or mail for the free limited-period demo facility.

For more information on any ANI Service: email: or call us at our New Delhi News desk: 91-11-26189705, 91-11-26703000


Websites and Broadband
Websites and Broadband ANI uses the latest in Internet technology to provide exclusive video , audio , text and picture content for web users.


Mobile ANI's has a multilingual package of audio, video , SMS and MMS content for mobiles.